Romney: Fire Peter Schaumber

A new report by the Office of Inspector General at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has concluded that a Republican member of the NLRB leaked confidential, attorney-client privileged information about NLRB deliberations to Peter Schaumber, another Republican who previously served on the NLRB.

Mitt Romney currently employs Peter Schaumber as an adviser to his campaign. If Romney wants to run the executive branch, he should not be employing people who have already violated its Standards of Ethical Conduct.

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Candidate Romney:

The National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) inspector general has reported that your campaign adviser, Peter Schaumber, obtained internal, confidential, attorney-client privileged information that he used to advance his business practice and undermine the NLRB.

It’s unacceptable that he encouraged—and participated in—unethical activities to undermine the NLRB. These activities even may have been illegal.

If you value ethics in government officials, I demand that you:

1. Renounce these ethics violations.

2. Immediately dismiss Peter Schaumber as an adviser to your campaign.
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