We Support You, Speaker Pelosi

The Blue Dogs are trying to oust Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic Leader. Apparently, they want to bring their special brand of magic--caving to Republicans, and then losing to them anyway--to the entire House Democratic caucus.

Sign the petition showing your support for Nancy Pelosi as House Democratic Leader. The Blue Dogs have Wall Street on their side, so it’s imperative we let Nancy Pelosi--and all House Democrats--know the grassroots are on her side.

At Daily Kos, we have an opportunity to deliver the signatures to her personally later this week, so she will know you've got her back.

Speaker Pelosi,

We, the undersigned members of the Daily Kos community, thank you for deciding to run for House Minority Leader. You have been a great Speaker of the House, and we believe you will be again after the 2012 elections.

We've got your back in this fight.
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