Demand a plan to end gun violence

First Colorado, then Wisconsin, now Texas. How many more tragedies will it take for our leaders to take gun violence seriously?

With three shootings in the last month, we can’t afford to stay silent any longer. Sign the petition from Daily Kos and our partners at Mayors Against Illegal Guns demanding a plan to reduce gun violence from both President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney:

Dear President Obama and Governor Romney,

The recent mass shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin and Texas were terrible tragedies and painful reminders of the cost of gun violence.

Thirty-four Americans are murdered with guns every day – that’s more than 48,000 during the next president’s term. That’s why I’m calling on you to step forward with a substantive plan to end gun violence.

What we need from our nation’s leaders is more than just a moment of silence -- we need a moment of courage.

I demand a plan to end gun violence.
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