Boycott Walmart on Black Friday to support workers

Black Friday will be historic for Walmart this year, not because it may shatter sales records or offer the lowest bargain, but because an unprecedented number of workers at stores across the country are saying "enough." These workers plan to participate in strikes, walkouts, flashmobs, protests, and other forms of action to call for better pay and working conditions–and Walmart is getting nervous about it.

Walmart is known for its low wages, nearly non-existent benefits, forced off-the-clock labor and the lack of opportunity for workers. Earlier and earlier opening times on Black Friday, or Thanksgiving day, force workers to spend the holiday working, rather than celebrating with their families. This year, the workers, unions, and shoppers are coming together on Black Friday to protest these conditions and urge the company to support its workers.

Please sign this petition showing your support for the workers of Walmart who deserve better pay and benefits by pledging not to shop at Walmart on Black Friday–or on Thanksgiving itself, if you live in an area where Walmart is open on the holiday.

To the workers of Walmart:

We support your struggle for better pay, benfits, and working conditions by pledging not to patronize any Walmart stores on Black Friday. Stay strong throughout your protests.
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