Tell your senators: Fix the filibuster!

Dozens of major pieces of legislation, and too many nominations, have died in the Senate because one, single senator can stop it—regardless of whether the legislation or nominee has support from the majority of the Senate. A senator doesn't have to mount an impassioned, lengthy floor speech to tie up legislation. He doesn't have to round up supportive colleagues to help block action. No, all it takes is to stop legislation dead in its tracks is one quick call, and then everyone heads out to dinner.

That has to change. The filibuster must be an action that is taken seriously by senators who choose to use it. There are four easy rule changes that make using the filibuster a process that is not to be undertaken lightly and will require active participation and real work to keep it going.

Please send an email to your senators in support of making the filibuster a real, talking filibuster and requiring a minimum of 41 votes to keep the filibuster alive.

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