Barney Frank for U.S. Senate!

Barney FrankWith Sen. John Kerry soon to become Secretary of State John Kerry, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick must appoint an interim U.S. Senator to fill Kerry's seat until a special election can be held.

Former Rep. Barney Frank looking to win this interim appointment. Let's help him out!

Sign our petition asking Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to appoint Barney Frank interim U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Governor Deval Patrick,

Please appoint former Rep. Barney Frank to the soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts.
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Number Date Name Add a personal comment for ...
2503 Thu Feb 21 00:59:25 EST 2013 Beth MacDonald
2502 Wed Feb 20 17:02:58 EST 2013 Emily Lubahn
2501 Mon Jan 28 22:21:15 EST 2013 marjorie hammock What an opportunity to protect the interest of all Americans. I live in South Carolina and I have no one from my state (ceertainly not in the Senate) that would protect the financial, health, More....
2500 Mon Jan 28 13:24:09 EST 2013 david gonzales american people need someone like barney frank to speek up for the americans,thank you gov.patrick,,you won,t regret it.nor we the people.
2499 Mon Jan 28 07:28:43 EST 2013 Lyndon Luhmann
2498 Sat Jan 26 01:34:57 EST 2013 Bruce Barnbaum Nobody could be better in that position than Barney Frank.
2497 Fri Jan 25 14:26:49 EST 2013 dora keller
2496 Fri Jan 18 15:18:48 EST 2013 Beth Daugherty Barney Frank is refreshingly honest and won't have to protect his seat, allowing him to fight for what's right without concern for electoral consequences. In a dysfunctional Congress, that's just what More....
2495 Fri Jan 18 14:48:47 EST 2013 Lois Sturm
2494 Thu Jan 17 20:07:18 EST 2013 Sue Garrett
2493 Thu Jan 17 15:59:49 EST 2013 Neil Olson
2492 Wed Jan 16 17:30:49 EST 2013 Jonnee Denton We depend on Massachusetts to send Senators to Washington who care about all of us.
2491 Wed Jan 16 15:59:48 EST 2013 Eliza Dooley
2490 Tue Jan 15 15:35:27 EST 2013 Pam Leighton-Burwell
2489 Tue Jan 15 02:08:30 EST 2013 Seth Silverman
2488 Mon Jan 14 18:35:30 EST 2013 Lisa Brahney
2487 Mon Jan 14 13:15:56 EST 2013 Sandra Roth Dear Governor Patrick:

Too many important events are going to be taking place in the next few months not to have an experienced and knowledgeable individual sitting in Senator Kerry's seat. More....
2486 Sun Jan 13 13:58:59 EST 2013 Donna Johnson
2485 Sun Jan 13 13:01:27 EST 2013 RON HARRIS
2484 Sun Jan 13 10:45:54 EST 2013 Robert Addington
2483 Sun Jan 13 03:43:51 EST 2013 Bev and Larry Wells
2482 Sat Jan 12 21:38:19 EST 2013 Rita Schuldt
2481 Sat Jan 12 20:41:39 EST 2013 claude samton Please don't miss the opportunity of choosing Barney Frank
to be interim Senator of the State of Massachusetts
2480 Sat Jan 12 18:31:50 EST 2013 David P
2479 Sat Jan 12 14:35:19 EST 2013 Geraldine Bryant The right man for the job, the right move for our country.
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