Tell Harry Reid: Use only Democratic votes to pass "flipping the burden" filibuster reform

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has sent an ultimatum to Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, giving McConnell until Thursday to agree to a watered down filibuster reform package.

However, if McConnell does not agree to the watered down package of reforms, then Sen. Reid has threatened to pass a much stronger filibuster reform package, and to do so with only 51 Democratic votes. Further, according to the Washington Post, this stronger package would include one of our two primary demands—flipping the burden on filibusters to the minority party.

We need to let Senator Reid know that he would have our support if he decides to go that route.

Please sign our petition to Senate Majority Leader Reid, letting him know that you support him if McConnell's inaction forces him to pass the powerful "flipping the burden" filibuster reform with only Democratic votes. We will email the signatures to his office early tomorrow morning as the final decision is being made.

Senator Majority Leader Reid:

If you move forward with the constitutional option to pass filibuster reform that includes "flipping the burden," you have our support.
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109749 total signers.

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