Tell Harry Reid: Re-open filibuster reform in light of continued Republican obstructionism

Just weeks after Democrats and Republicans reached agreement on a watered down version of filibuster reform, Senate Republicans are up to their old obstructionist tricks. More than 40 Republican senators have stated they will filibuster any nominee to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau unless Democrats agree to gut the CFPB's power to actually protect consumers.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated that if Republicans continued to abuse the filibuster, he might re-open the process to change Senate rules. Given this latest Republican move, Reid may need to re-open that process sooner rather than later.

Please sign our petition urging Harry Reid to re-open the process of filibuster reform in the Senate. We must remain vigilant and build the case for filibuster reform every time Republican obstructionism prevents the Senate from functioning as it should.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid–

In light of continued Republican obstructionism on the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, we urge you to re-open the process of changing filibuster rules to ensure a functioning Senate.
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