Co-sign the letter to President Obama & congressional leaders opposing cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits

Progressive Congress logoBecause of the unwillingness of conservative Republicans to compromise, any fiscal showdown deal will likely require the support of members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus in order to pass the House of Representatives.

As such, leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus have developed a strategy to prevent cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in any deal. They are circulating a letter among their colleagues declaring their opposition to any benefit cuts to these vital programs, and looking to get enough co-signers to make it clear to both congressional leaders and President Obama that any deal containing benefit cuts will not pass the House.

Please join with Daily Kos and Progressive Congress by becoming a citizen co-sponsor of the letter declaring your opposition to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts in any fiscal showdown deal. Progressive Congress, the non-profit foundation for the Congressional Progressive Caucus, will use your show of grassroots support to help get as many members of the House to sign this letter as possible, and to make our opposition to benefit cuts as clear as possible to both President Obama and congressional leaders.

Dear President Obama,

We want to thank you for standing strong in the American Taxpayer Relief Act to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid from benefit cuts that would jeopardize the well-being of millions of Americans.

We write to affirm our vigorous opposition to cutting Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits in any final bill to replace sequestration. Earned Social Security and Medicare benefits provide the financial and health protections necessary to keep individuals and families out of poverty. Medicaid is not only a lifeline for low-income children, pregnant women, people with disabilities and families, it is the primary source of long-term care services and supports for 3.6 million individuals. We cannot overstate their importance for our constituents and our country.

That is why we remain deeply opposed to proposals to reduce Social Security benefits through use of the chained CPI to calculate cost-of-living adjustments. We remain committed to making the changes that will extend solvency for 75 years, but Social Security has not contributed to our current fiscal problems and it should not be on the bargaining table.

Similarly, we oppose proposals to increase Medicare cost-sharing requirements or to raise the age of eligibility. Half of all Medicare recipients live on less than $22,000 a year – yet they spend, on average, three times as much of those limited incomes on health care as other Americans. Raising their already heavy cost-sharing burden or increasing the age of eligibility doesn’t lower health care costs, it just shifts them to those who can least afford more financial burdens – seniors, people with disabilities and their families.

A commitment to keeping the middle-class strong and reducing poverty requires a commitment to keeping Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid strong. We urge you to reject any proposals to cut benefits, and we look forward to working with you to enact approaches that instead rely on economic growth and more fair revenue-raising policies to solve our fiscal problems.

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