Tell Republicans: Please give a damn about people, not White House tours

Stop Republican WhiningThe sequester has gone into effect. This has caused hundreds of thousands of people to be furloughed, an end to tuition assistance for soldiers in the Army, reductions in vaccinations, border patrols, meat processing inspections, aid for low-income housing, Head Start programs for children and much, much more..

So what part of the sequester is the Republican National Committee most upset about, to the point where they are running a petition about it? The cancellation of White House tours.

Sign the petition telling the Republican National Committee to stop whining about tours and start giving a damn about the millions of people who have been seriously impacted by the sequester. We need to publicly embarrass them for their pettiness:

Dear Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus:

Please start giving a damn about the millions of people who are losing pay, tuition assistance, health care, and housing assistance as a result of the sequester, and stop whining about White House tours.
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