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Senate Republicans beholden to Wall Street are blocking a vital vote from happening because they care more about protecting the wealthy than protecting the middle class. They will not allow Richard Cordray’s nomination as director to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau come to a yes-or-no, simple majority vote.

Cordray has been serving as Director of the CFPB for the past two years, doing great work to protect consumers from more Wall Street malfeasance. That’s why Republicans are stalling the nomination. They don’t have a problem with Cordray, they have a problem with an effective agency that protects Main Street over Wall Street and they want to neuter it. So they’re filibustering Cordray as a way to force changes to the agency–something no party has ever done before–instead of using the legislative process.

This misuse of the filibuster must not stand. Sign the petition urging the Senate to let Richard Cordray’s nomination for Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau go to a yes-or-no vote.

To members of the Senate:

We urge you to hold a yes-or-no vote on the nomination of Richard Cordray for Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
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1251 total signers.

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