Tell Democratic senators: Urge Majority Leader Reid to re-open filibuster reform

With obstructionist Senate Republicans filibustering anything short of renaming a post office, it is time for Senate Democrats to bring democracy into their chamber.

Over 125,000 members of the Daily Kos community signed a petition urging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to reform the filibuster, but he told us that "time will tell" whether half-measure reforms negotiated earlier this year with the GOP "were sufficient enough."

We don’t know whether he’s afraid of change, or whether he likes dysfunctional government, but it’s time to ratchet up the pressure.

Please, use the form below send an email to your Democratic member(s) of the U.S. Senate telling them to re-open filibuster reform so that we can have a functioning Senate that passes legislation and confirms nominations in a timely manner.

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