Tell Republicans: Ending overtime pay is unacceptable

In a shocking new salvo in their war on workers, House Republicans have passed a bill that repeals mandatory overtime pay.

Yes, you read that right. House Republicans have decided that hourly workers have it too cushy when they receive extra money for working extended hours. So, this week they passed the so-called "Working Families Flexibility Act," which gives business owners the flexibility of not paying hourly workers a higher hourly rate for overtime work.

DSCC logoDoing that would take money out of the pockets of every full-time hourly employee in the country, and put that same money in pockets of business owners.

Please sign the petition from Daily Kos and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee opposing the end of mandatory overtime pay, and shaming House Republicans for passing this terrible bill.

To House Republicans:

Shame on you for passing a bill that would end mandatory overtime pay for hourly employees. We stand against your attempt to take money out of the pockets of hourly workers.
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86575 total signers.

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