Jobs without Congress

Let's face it: this Congress is extremely unlikely to pass anything meaningful to alleviate the national jobs crisis. As such, we are going have to come up with solutions that don't involve Congress.

If you either have, or have read about, any ways the executive branch can create jobs and otherwise stimulate the economy without any congressional action, please send them along using the form on the right.

These ideas are out there, and the White House is looking for them. If we can come up with a list of substantive ideas, we will submit them to the White House through their new We The People tool. It only takes 5,000 signatures on that tool for the White House to issue a formal review and response. The Daily Kos community can deliver 5,0000 signatures no problem.

Options for action without Congress might be limited, but they are still probably greater than convincing House Republicans to back effective public policy. Please, submit whatever ideas you have.

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