Enough with blocked appointments! Tell your Democratic Senator to re-open filibuster reform

Obstructionist Senate Republicans are at it again. Having successfully warded off filibuster reform in January, they have now bottled up the confirmation of Richard Cordray for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Thomas Perez for Secretary of Labor, and Gina McCarthy for the Environmental Protection Agency.

As the New York Times reports this week, Senate Democrats are "increasingly exasperated" by routine efforts to block nominees and are "now more supportive than ever" of re-opening filibuster reform.

As you read this, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is even polling Senate Democrats to see if there are enough votes to pull it off.

Please, use the form below send an email to your Democratic member(s) of the U.S. Senate telling them to re-open filibuster reform so that we can have a functioning Senate that confirms nominations in a timely manner. (email can be personalized)

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