Tell San Diego city attorney: Don’t prosecute people who chalk

Jeff Olson, a 40-year-old activist in San Diego, faces up to 13 years in jail—and $13,000 in fines—on several counts of vandalism.

Because he wrote anti-bank slogans outside Bank of America—in washable chalk. On the sidewalk.

The bank pressured the city attorney, who pressed charges. Before the case went to trial, the city attorney prosecuting the case successfully motioned to block Olson from arguing a First Amendment defense.

Join us in demanding that the San Diego City Attorney drop charges against Jeff Olson.

Dear San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith:

Prosecuting people who chalk political messages on vandalism charges is a blatant abuse of power, and sets a dangerous precedent for the First Amendment. Please drop all charges against Jeff Olson immediately.
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