Bravo, NPR!

Instead of focusing on reporting the truth, too many news outlets have decided their job is to tell the competing sides of any given story, no matter how unsupported by the facts one side may be.

In a positive move, National Public Radio issued new editorial guidelines rejecting this false balance. Disavowing the worst excesses of "he said, she said" journalism, NPR's new code of ethics states that "if the balance of evidence in a matter of controversy weighs heavily on one side, we acknowledge it in our reports." This is an important step to curing what has become an endemic plague of false fairness in American journalism.

Please, sign the petition below thanking NPR for this decision. We will send them the signatures:

National Public Radio, we applaud your updated Code of Ethics and Practices that now states your reporting should be focused on the truth rather than maintaining the appearance of balance.

Too many news organizations have decided their job is simply to present two competing viewpoints on any given story. Bravo for rejecting this in principle, and we look forward to you following through in practice.
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