Don't let billionaires dump nuclear waste wherever they want

Billionaire Harold Simmons has spent nearly $1 million lobbying the Obama administration to allow nuclear waste dumps to accept expanded types of nuclear waste, including depleted uranium left over from weapons manufacturing and enrichment. Changing this rule would open up a market that would be worth billions, much of which would go to Simmons, whose company owns one of the two licensed low-level nuclear dumps in the United States that could accept this waste.

Simmons doesn't just depend on lobbying. He also is investing $36 million in Republican campaigns for Congress and the White House in 2012 so they can pass new laws and gut regulations, all of which make him even more money than the $10 billion he already has.

Tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission not to make special rules for billionaires. We will send them your signatures and comments.

To the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:

The proposed rule changes that would reclassify some types of nuclear waste so that they can be disposed of in dumps such as the one in West Texas operated by Waste Control Specialists are not being proposed in the public interest. If approved, they will make one man, multi-billionaire Harold Simmons, even richer.

The rule change backed by Harold Simmons and his lobbyists could have a harmful effect on human health and should be rejected in favor of a far more stringent regulation.
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