Stop corporate interference in MA public education

Don't be fooled by the name: "Stand for Children" is a national organization running state level campaigns in places like Oregon, Illinois, and most recently Massachusetts to remake public schools based on right-wing ideology.

Venture capitalists and corporate foundations, like Bain Capital and the Walton Family Foundation are funding this organization, whose CEO, Jonah Edelman, can be seen in this video stating the goal is "the reform of collective bargaining throughout the state" and admitting the strategy is to "jam this proposal down their throats."

Now, we have the opportunity to stop Stand for Children from implementing the same harmful legislation in Massachusetts that has been implemented elsewhere which sharply restricts job protections for teachers and pushes them to teach to the test.

Sign the petition below calling on Stand for Children to withdraw its ballot initiative.

We call on Stand for Children to withdraw its ballot initiative which would drive out good teachers and take autonomy away from principals throughout Massachusetts. We urge Stand for Children to stop implementing its corporate controlled strategy in its top down effort to take job protections away from teachers.
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