Whoa—government actually rules against credit card companies

OMB Watch logo with a sunIt's a rare day in Washington, D.C. when banks and credit issuers don't get what they want, but it actually just happened.

Financial industry groups had opposed the creation of an online database of complaints filed against them by consumers because they claimed it would mislead the public about their reputations. However, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), just launched such a database anyway.

Please sign our petition thanking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for protecting consumers from bad credit card practices. Daily Kos and OMB Watch will make sure the CFPB gets the signatures of support for the new policy.

To the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,

Thank you for standing up for consumers in your recent policy “Disclosure of Certain Credit Card Complaint Data” which will help consumers make informed decisions about credit cards and encourage better practices by credit card companies through increased transparency.
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