If unions need to get opt-ins, corporations should too

Image of justice Antonin ScaliaWith Citizens United, the activist, conservative Supreme Court expanded corporate political power by ruling that corporations could spend unlimited amounts of unregulated money to buy elections. However, last month, that same conservative Supreme Court restricted the power of organized labor by placing new requirements on how unions can spend money on political activity.

According to a new ruling, unions must get opt-in permission from workers who are required to pay dues, but choose not to join the union, before those non-member dues can be used for political purposes. This ruling overturned well-settled precedent, and gave anti-labor forces a victory well beyond what they were even seeking in the case before the court.

In response, sign our petition asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to introduce legislation requiring corporations to get opt-in permission from shareholders in order to be allowed to use company resources for political purposes.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,

Please introduce legislation requiring corporations to get opt-ins from shareholders to use resources for political purposes. This legislation would be a step towards limiting corporate money in politics.
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