What has every other presidential candidate done since Nixon that Romney won't do?

Mitt Romney made millions by investing money overseas, firing American workers, and outsourcing jobs. He stores his money in secretive, tax-free banks accounts in the Caymen Island and Switzerland. He has a shell corporation in Bermuda which he used to invest millions in a Chinese firm that focuses on shipping America jobs to China.

With revelations like these, it is astonishing that Mitt Romney has only released one year of his tax returns. This breaks the precedent of releasing multiple years of returns set by Romney's father in 1968, and followed by every major presidential candidate since then.

What else is Romney hiding? Sign the petition demanding that Mitt Romney release his tax returns to the public. We'll deliver every signature we gather directly to Romney's campaign HQ in Boston in front of the press.

The petition reads:

George Romney released 12 years worth of tax returns to the public when he ran for president -- and every major presidential candidate since has followed his lead. Every candidate except Mitt Romney.

We demand the truth. Mitt Romney needs to release his full tax returns to the public immediately and prove he has nothing to hide.
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