Tell the NFL to stop attacking union workers

attribution: Thinh Nguyen/FlickrWe've seen this tactic before from the NFL when it locked out its players just last year, only this time NFL owners and management have locked out the league's referees. With regular season play rapidly approaching, coaches, players, and fans want to see the seasoned, experienced officials back on the field for the safety of the players and the integrity of the game.

This dispute is much like any labor dispute when you take away the bright lights and cameras. The bosses want to end defined benefit pensions and replace it with a 401(k) for the workers, the referees are working more and more to keep up with the game while their pay doesn't keep up with their hours, and the owners are reaping enormous profits.

Sign the petition below to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners calling on them to end the practice of using scab referees and to negotiate in good faith a fair deal to bring back the league's experienced referees.

Commissioner Goodell and all NFL team owners-
End the use of scab referees and bring back the league's experienced officials by negotiating a good contract for their collective bargaining unit.
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