Mr. Mandel, Ohio voters want to know your answer

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has been slamming Senator Sherrod Brown for voting to approve the 2009 loan to the auto industry that helped save over 850,000 Ohio jobs, including calling the senator “un-American.”

When pressed for information by the Columbus Dispatch about what Josh Mandel would have done differently in that situation, Mr. Mandel avoided the question and the follow-up asking him to answer again. Mandel needs to be held accountable for his accusations and lack of answers before the November election.

Sign the petition below from Daily Kos and our partners at Fighting for Ohio Jobs urging Josh Mandel to answer the question he’s been avoiding and we’ll make sure his campaign gets the petition.

Mr. Mandel,
What would you have done differently at the time the federal loans were offered to the auto companies? How would you have voted? What would you have done to save 850,000 Ohio jobs?
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