Volunteer to fight against voter suppression in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law threatens to disenfranchise more than 750,000 voters who currently lack the proper state-issued IDs required to cast a ballot. These voters need to be informed about the new legal requirements and will need help getting to the DMV for IDs before the November election.

To make sure everyone can still vote, volunteers are needed to work with local non-profits and coalitions, including the National Urban League, NAACP, and the PA Voter ID Coalition run through the Committee of 70. At Daily Kos, we are helping out by signing up volunteers in the Philadelphia area and connecting them to the local coalitions.

When you sign the form below, you will receive an email with contact information for the local organizations working to make sure everyone can vote. Then, a local organizer will contact you to set up a time to volunteer that best fits your schedule. View a volunteer schedule from the PA voter ID coalition.

Typical volunteer opportunities include data entry, office volunteers, canvassing, working events, phone banking, transporting voters to get ID and to the polls.

Please do your part to ensure all Pennsylvanians can legally cast their ballot in the upcoming November election.

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