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Thank the volunteers who gathered recall petition signatures against Wisconsin Republicans by filling out the form below and adding a personal note.

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13684 Tue Aug 26 02:30:04 EDT 2014 Anonymous New Brighton, MN I thank you so much for your zealotry. I know it takes a lot of energy. I am afraid, however,that recalling up to five republicans at once when only four have ever been recalled could just make our side More....
13683 Tue Oct 16 17:25:32 EDT 2012 Connie Bain Opa-Locka, FL Thank You for volunteeing so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!
13682 Tue Sep 20 15:19:35 EDT 2011 sharyn viel creswell, OR thanks for making the effort to stand up for all of us against the war on unions.
13681 Sat Jul 16 21:53:24 EDT 2011 Kaye Fissinger LONGMONT, CO Thank you for standing up for the rest of the nation. We are noticing.
13680 Mon Jul 11 11:47:25 EDT 2011 Ricardo U. Berg Los Angeles, CA All of you are real true patriots and real Americans.
13679 Thu Jun 30 12:19:08 EDT 2011 Carolyn A. Kidder Wayne, PA You're wonderful. All the best in the coming elections. I'll be rooting for you.
13678 Wed Jun 29 11:31:34 EDT 2011 Anonymous Thank your for your generosity and courage. God bless you with abundant peace, love, patience, strength and faithfulness in the path of peace and justice.
13677 Wed Jun 15 21:07:33 EDT 2011 Joanne Look Campbell, MN Please do not give up. We stand with you in support of all our rights. I believe public education must be saved. If it becomes a corp run for profit system they will even control what children can be taught.This More....
13676 Mon Jun 13 13:13:05 EDT 2011 Philip Quadrini Sausalito, CA You guys are true patriots. Thank you.
13675 Sun Jun 05 12:17:49 EDT 2011 Anonymous West Coxsackie, NY Thanks for all of your hard work and for doing the right thing for the people of America. I truly thought that that we lived in just didn't care anymore. Thank you for proving me wrong!
13674 Fri May 27 12:38:47 EDT 2011 Mark Cooper DES MOINES, IA you guys totally rock!!! Just want to say thanks for all you have done for the working men and women of Wisconsin and the working people everywhere.
13673 Fri May 27 09:45:38 EDT 2011 Jim Shanley PITTSBURGH, PA Thank you for all the hard work you have done to right these wrongs against the working class people of Wisconsin and all the USA. You are an inspiration to us all.
13672 Mon May 23 16:13:36 EDT 2011 Virginia L. Senders AMHERST, I used to live in Minnesota, so I knew Wisconsin was a good state. But only since YOU have come on the scene and done your thing have I known that Wisconsin is a GREAT state! THANK YOU from all of us! More....
13671 Sun May 22 20:58:53 EDT 2011 Anonymous Dems,
Keep up the good work!
Bob in Irving, TX
13670 Sun May 22 16:58:55 EDT 2011 Jack David Marcus NEW YORK, NY Thanks very much for your time and labor intensive work on behalf of all us, both in-state and out-of-state.
13669 Sun May 22 12:22:16 EDT 2011 eugene millevoi phila, PA thank you sincerely for your help'

i am considering a grassroot movement to try and pass a National vote law.(also called) vote -civic- duty,
with so many states suppressing voters More....
13668 Sat May 21 21:03:40 EDT 2011 Anne Fuller Juneau, AK Your devotion to citizenship is admirable. Thank you for circulating petitions. Thw ork of keeping politicians honest and responsive is difficult.
13667 Fri May 20 22:02:03 EDT 2011 Randie Vietti Tucson, AZ Power to the People! Right ON!. It's time for politicians from all sides to realize that the middle class it too big to fail, and we will no longer stand for footing the bill for powerful corporations More....
13666 Fri May 20 13:55:38 EDT 2011 Edward kloss willinboro, NJ Working people of Wisconsin, Over 35 years ago I was introduced to the virtual world. This had nothing to do with the computer world as is evident by the fact it was so long ago. It had and continues More....
13665 Thu May 19 23:34:56 EDT 2011 Richard Graham Orlando, FL Thank you for working so hard in the name of justice. You're inspiring & lifting our party to new heights. THANK YOU, THANK YOU
13664 Wed May 18 15:16:54 EDT 2011 Ric Frye Goldendale, WA Thanks for the inspiration you provided. Many blessings to you each and all!
13663 Wed May 18 09:04:43 EDT 2011 Anonymous You have inspired our nation by your heartfelt actions in Wisconsin. I hope Missouri will act as courageously in protesting the stupidities of the far right in our state.
13662 Mon May 16 15:56:29 EDT 2011 Anonymous Sun City West, AZ Thank you for taking time out to volunteer your efforts to a worthy cause. It's people like you who make America great !
13661 Sun May 15 13:17:27 EDT 2011 Susan Goldman Laurelville, OH Thanks for fighting.
13660 Wed May 11 09:14:55 EDT 2011 Pete Chaviano Tallahassee, FL Thank you for Awaking the Sleeping Giant!
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