Stand up for locked out workers at American Crystal Sugar

Despite making record profits, the CEO and board members of American Crystal Sugar company have locked out their union workers for more than one year. This has been devastating to the families of these workers, but they are fighting back by organizing a nationwide boycott of American Crystal Sugar.

Please join with Daily Kos and Workers' Voice by pledging to support the boycott until the lockout ends. If we don't stand together in the nationwide war against workers, surely we will all fall separately.

American Crystal Sugar products being boycotted include American Crystal Sugar bags of sugar labeled Crystal Sugar and “Market Pantry” sugar sold in Target stores in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

To American Crystal Sugar:

We are joining together to boycott American Crystal Sugar products until CEO David Berg and the company’s board members end the lockout and come back to the table with workers to negotiate a fair contract.
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