Support new legislation to shorten voting lines, strengthen people’s ability to vote

Now that the election has ended, forward thinking lawmakers are beginning to propose legislation to address problems voters faced before and during election day.

In the House of Representatives, Rep. George Miller (D-CA) introduced the Streamlining and Improving Methods at Polling Locations and Early (SIMPLE) Voting Act, which would reduce wait times at the polls and mandate all states provide a minimum of 15 days of early voting in federal elections.

On the Senate side, Senators Mark Warner and Chris Coons have introduced the Fair, Accurate, Secure and Timely (FAST) Voting Act of 2012, which creates a competitive grant for states to pursue election reforms including mandated early voting, absentee voting, and ways to reduce waiting time at polling stations.

Please sign the petition supporting both the SIMPLE Voting Act in the House of Representatives and the FAST Act in the Senate. We will deliver the signatures:

To all members of Congress:

Please pass the SIMPLE Voting Act and the FAST Voting Act to remedy voting problems, including long wait times, and mandate a national minimum early voting standard.
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Image of long lines at a Florida early voting station on October 27, 2012. Credit: 904Dem

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