Become a Citizen Co-Sponsor on the New Assault Weapons Ban

Enough is enough. Of the 11 deadliest shootings in American history, five have happened since 2007. The grieving families in Newtown and across the country deserve our deepest condolences, but also our determined action to end these atrocities.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) sponsored the original ban on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition back in 1994 -- which expired in 2004 -- and last weekend she announced new legislation to renew the ban. But she needs your help. She told us "As I survey the field, I know I will need your help as I mount this campaign. We need a mass movement that can make calls, write letters, and mobilize your fellow citizens at a moment’s notice if we’re going to win this battle."

Please join Daily Kos and our partners at the Courage Campaign by becoming a citizen co-sponsor of the new assault weapons ban. Add your name below, and we will deliver the signatures to Senator Feinstein and her allies in Congress.

Senator Feinstein, we support a new ban on assault weapons. Thank you for leading this fight, and please use our signatures to help persuade your colleagues.
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