Tell Senate Democrats to oppose fake filibuster reform

After more than two years of working to reform the filibuster, Senate Democrats are on the verge of passing rules changes that would actually make it easier for Republicans to obstruct legislation.

An emerging bipartisan proposal, called McCain/Levin and backed by many Demcorats, would not require senators to continuously talk in order to maintain a filibuster. However, it would guarantee the minority party votes on two amendments for every bill. Thus, the minority party would now have a chance to insert poison pills into every piece of legislation—including legislation that has the support of 60 senators.

Send an email to your Democratic members of the Senate, telling them to oppose McCain/Levin and instead support the real, talking filibuster championed by Senators Jeff Merkley and Tom Udall. (Email can be edited and personalized.)

This form only allows you to contact Democratic senators who are in the 112th Senate and who are returning for the 113th. If you do not have any current and returning Democratic members of the Senate, please call Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid's office at 202-224-3542, and tell him not to support the McCain / Levin proposal.

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