Only two more votes are needed to make the filibuster real

Mr Smith filibusteringDemocrats have 48 of the 50 senators they need to change the rules of the Senate and make the filibuster a real, talking filibuster.

The seven Democratic Senators who have not yet committed to reforming the filibuster in this way are Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein of California, Carl Levin of Michigan, Max Baucus of Montana, Jack Reed of Rhode Island, and Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

We need to change two of their minds in order to make the filibuster real. If you are represented by one or more of these senators, we need your help to make it happen.

Please send an email to your senator or senators who have not yet committed to making the filibuster a real, talking filibuster, and encourage them to make this commitment. (Email can be edited and personalized.)

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