Tell the Senate: Fix the filibuster

CREDO Action: Fix the SenateToday's filibuster doesn't require opponents of a bill to make their case on the Senate floor. Filibusters now require very little time or effort, which has led to widespread abuse by the conservative minority.

To fix this, we're working to create momentum behind a strong package of reforms championed by Sen. Jeff Merkley, including the "talking filibuster" which requires senators to speak on the Senate floor in order to continue debate and prevent a vote.

Unfortunately a bipartisan group of more conservative senators have announced a much weaker proposal (called the McCain/Levin proposal) that would not fix the Senate's dysfunction and could actually make it easier for the conservative minority to obstruct legislation.

Join with CREDO and Daily Kos by signing our petition rejecting the McCain/Levin proposal, and supporting real reform:

The petition reads:

"I am writing today to ask that you support a strong package of reforms to the filibuster, including a requirement that senators have to speak on the Senate floor in order to filibuster, and oppose the McCain/Levin proposal that would not help end the dysfunction in the Senate."
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