Stop electoral college vote rigging by supporting a national popular vote

electoral college by congressional districtAfter suffering crushing defeats in the 2008 and 2012 elections, Republicans are looking to rig the electoral college so they win a majority, or nearly a majority, of electoral votes in several key swing states even when they lose the popular vote in those states. (Yes, really.)

While we need to fight against these specific plans right now, over the long run the only way to stop electoral vote rigging schemes is to start electing our presidents through a national popular vote.

Please sign our petition in favor of a national popular vote, and join our campaign to make sure every vote counts. We will keep you updated with news and action alerts that will help achieve this goal.

The petition reads:

It is time to end electoral college vote rigging, and to make sure that every vote counts the same whether or not it is cast in a swing state.

I support electing the President of the United States through a national popular vote.
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