Tell the FCC: Take the first step toward public Wi-Fi for all

Free Press logoThe Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal to open up a wider share of the high-quality wireless spectrum for public use. This would be an important first step toward making fast, free, public Wi-Fi available to everyone.

Predictably, the wireless industry doesn't like this idea, and would rather the FCC auction off more high-quality wireless spectrum to private carriers, and leave less open to public use. However, a lack of competition—from public or private sources—is one of the reasons why broadband service in the United States has become too slow, too costly, and entirely unavailable to many people.

Sign the petition from Daily Kos and Free Press urging the FCC to follow through on their proposal to make more high-quality wireless spectrum available for public use. We have a long way to go to get public Wi-Fi for all, but making sure that private carriers don't hog too much of the good spectrum is a key first step.

To all FCC Commissioners:

Please follow through on your proposal to open up a large slice of high-quality spectrum for open networks. Doing so would help create the competition necessary to extend more high-speed broadband—including "super WiFi" and other future innovations—to more people.
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