Tell Macy's to dump Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s hair is at it again, bullying and intimidating Angelo Carusone, the organizer who started the “Dump Trump” campaign, by threatening to sue Carusone for at least $25 million unless he stops his campaign.

Carusone created the campaign urging Macy’s to sever business ties with Trump over his sexist and racially charged rhetoric that is in direct conflict with the Macy’s family-based brand and image. But it is perhaps even more galling that Trump is now attempting to use his wealth to intimidate and silence political protest that is covered under the First Amendment.

Sign our petition telling Macy’s it is indeed time to Dump Trump for attempting to stifle political speech and political protest against him.

To Macy's management and shareholders:

We strongly urge you to sever business ties with Donald Trump. Not only are his racist and sexist remarks out of touch with the Macy's brand, but his attempts to use his wealth to stifle political protest are offensive and reflect poorly on your brand.
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