Tell Congress to repeal the sequester

At a time when our economy is on an upward trend of recovery, implementing stringent austerity measures like the sequester that went into effect on March 1, is a bad idea that will slow economic growth. The sequester is expected to cost at least 750,000 jobs and cut numerous services including cuts to the National Weather Service, work study programs, the National Institute of Health will be scaling back research programs and grants to universities, cuts to public health–including 840,000 fewer vaccinations, cuts to EPA programs that monitor clean air and water, and cuts to meat inspection programs.

While the extent of these cuts won’t be felt immediately, the pain will grow with each passing day as more workers are cut or furloughed and more programs are reduced to mere skeletons. Let’s be clear–this does not have to happen; Republicans choose to keep tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate tax loopholes at the expense the everyone else.

Repeal the sequester that has gone into effect, before real pain is felt. Jobs and social services are being cut at a time when our economy needs to grow rather than retract. Email your member of Congress and tell them to repeal the sequester before real and permanent damage is done to our fragile, recovering economy.(Email is editable)

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