Stop Rick Scott's massive corporate giveaway

Governor Rick Scott has spent the past two years making devastating cuts to critical services for middle class families. Now he plans to go even further by pushing through a bill this legislative session that will give big corporations another $141 million in tax breaks.

Florida cannot continue the practice of increasing corporate tax breaks and subsidies while slashing funding for education and neglecting the needs of the state's small businesses.

The good news is that we can stop this bill because it requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

Please sign the petition from Daily Kos and our partners at Florida Watch Action as we demand that the Florida legislature reject this $141 million corporate tax break. Florida Watch Action will deliver the signatures to Florida legislators.

To all members of the Florida legislature:

Do not pass any more corporate tax breaks, including Gov. Scott's proposal to provide $141 million to corporations. We need more investment in education and middle class families, not corporate welfare.
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8801 total signers.

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