San Francisco Regional Water Board: For the porpoises and for the Bay, stop the polluters

More than 70 years after porpoises originally fled the waters of the San Francisco Bay, they are beginning to come back. Their return is a sign that the waters of the Bay are cleaner and once again liveable.

The only way to keep the porpoises here is to keep pollution out -- and that means getting the San Francisco Regional Water Board to stand up to polluters.

Please join with Daily Kos and our partners at For the Bay by signing this petition to the San Francisco Regional Water Board urging them to stand up to the worst polluters for the sake of the returning porpoise population.

To the San Francisco Regional Water Board

We urge you to stand up to polluters. Porpoises are returning because of improved water quality in the Bay, but chronic polluters continue to remain a problem and put the porpoises at risk. We need strong enforcement of the Clean Water Act to continue improving the water quality of the Bay.
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2688 total signers.

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Photo Credit: Golden Gate Cetacean Research

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