Tell the Democratic Party to endorse the next big societal shift: marijuana legalization

Willie Nelson holding a marriage equality and marijuana legalization signMarriage equality has passed a tipping point, as it is backed by strong majorities of the public and virtually every Democratic politician. Now, it’s time for the Democratic Party to endorse another ongoing societal shift: marijuana legalization.

A decade ago, Americans opposed marijuana legalization by 2-1 margins. Now public opinion is not only evenly split, but is guaranteed to continue tilting toward legalization. This is because, as with marriage equality, overwhelming majorities of young Americans are in favor.

Marijuana decriminalization has already taken place in two states, but legalization needs to happen everywhere. It will reduce spending on the criminal justice system, lower out-of-control incarceration rates, raise revenues through taxation, and protect personal freedom.

Please sign our petition to the Democratic National Committee demanding the inclusion of federal marijuana legalization in their 2016 platform. The time has come.

To all members of the Democratic National Committee:

In the interests of reducing spending on the criminal justice system, lowering out of control incarceration rates, raising revenues through taxation, and guaranteeing personal freedom, a strong majority of Democrats already support the legalization of marijuana.

In 2016, this must be reflected by a plank in the party platform calling for the legalization of marijuana nationwide.
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