Tell the Justice Department to stop North Carolina's latest voter suppression legislation.

North Carolina Republicans have a new plan to suppress the college vote: If students register to vote where they go to school rather than where their parents live, their parents lose a college tax credit. Republicans are forcing this choice–either register in your home county or cost your parents $2500–all to keep this Democratic-leaning group of voters from turning out on election day.

North Carolina’s history of voter suppression puts it under the jurisdiction of the US Justice Department which can, under section 5 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, invalidate laws that have voter suppression effects. Please sign the petition urging the US Justice Department to invalidate this legislation immediately so that college students can vote where they choose without costing their families much-needed tax relief.

To the US Justice Department–
Please invalidate North Carolina Senate Republicans' latest attempt to pass Senate Bill 667, legislation intended to suppress the college age voting population. This bill makes voters choose between a $2500 tax deduction for their family or convenient access to voting away from one's home county, essentially creating a tax for those who chose to register and vote while away at college.
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Photo Credit: Think Progress

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