The sentence that wins the recalls

The six recalls against Republican state Senators in Wisconsin are on August 9. Democrats need to win three of those six in order to take control of the state Senate.

The latest polling shows Democrats way ahead in one, and narrowly ahead in three. We're winning, but it's super close.

For the final 120 hours of the elections, we're looking to run something called a Google Blast in the closest districts. With a Google Blast, anytime anyone in those districts goes online, they will see whatever message we want them to see. We did this in one of the districts back in March, and in one week our ad was viewed 4,764,678 times by a population of only 175,000 people.

If we do this right, it will win the Wisconsin recall elections. However, we need the best possible message for the ads, and due to space requirements that message can one be one sentence long.

This is tricky, so we need your help. Please, fill out the form on the right to let us know what one sentence message you think will win the Wisconsin recall campaign. We will review all of the suggestions, and share some of our favorites on the blog before making a final decision.

Fill out the form below, and let us know what one message Wisconsin voters should see during the final days of the recall elections.
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