Tell Democratic Party committees: Protect seniors instead of whining about talking points

Social Security danglingStepping on the third rail of politics, President Barack Obama introduced a budget that makes cuts to Social Security. Republicans, sensing a golden political opportunity, are now attacking Democrats for promoting Social Security cuts.

Unfortunately, the response to these attacks from Democratic Party committees has been either to whine that Republicans supported cutting Social Security first (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), or to just endorse President Obama's budget, Social Security cuts and all (Democratic Governor's Association).

Sign the petition telling Democratic Party committees to stop supporting chained CPI and other cuts to Social Security. The best way to protect our seniors and to deflect Republican attacks is to reject any cuts to Social Security, no matter who proposed those cuts.

To the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), Democratic Governor's Association (DGA), and Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC)::

President Obama's proposed budget contains significant cuts to Social Security through chained CPI. As such, it is legitimate to attack anyone who supports that budget for supporting cuts to Social Security.

Stop endorsing cuts to Social Security, and stop whining about who proposed those cuts first. If you want to protect our seniors and deflect Republican attacks, then reject any and all cuts to Social Security no matter who proposed those cuts.
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