Sign the petition calling for an investigation of James O'Keefe. We're working with People for The American Way to deliver it on Thursday, February 2:

Attorney General Delaney and U.S. Attorney Kacavas:

According to news reports, James O'Keefe sent undercover operatives to commit fraud in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. They went to polling stations, falsely presented themselves, and requested ballots under the names of recently deceased voters — a violation of state and federal law.

O'Keefe badly wants to convince Americans that voter fraud — an extremely rare phenomenon — is a pressing threat to our democracy. So badly, in fact, that he reportedly sent his own agents out to commit fraud. The reason is simple — he wants fewer Americans to vote.

Fortunately we already have state and federal laws that prevent and punish voter fraud while allowing eligible Americans to cast their ballots. We call on you to enforce these laws and thoroughly investigate the actions of James O'Keefe and his operatives.
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