Advertisers: pull your support for Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh referred to a very bright, very brave young woman speaking out on the medical need for birth control as a "slut" and a "prostitute." He then doubled down, demanding that she post videos of her having sex online for his enjoyment.

As a result, more than 50 companies pulled the ads from Limbaugh's program, and nearly 100 are now looking to avoid right-wing talk radio altogether.

Sign the petition to the rest of Limbaugh's advertisers telling them to pull their support. We will deliver the signatures:

To all organizations who continue to advertise on Rush Limbaugh's radio program:

Please pull your advertising from Rush Limbaugh's radio program in response to his disgusting comments demanding that Sandra Fluke post videos of her having sex for his enjoyment. Sponsoring this sort of hateful commentary reflects very poorly on your organization and calls our continued patronage of your products and services into question.
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