Tell your governor: Don't make buying a Tesla illegal

Tesla has just introduced the most amazing electric vehicle into the market. Unfortunately, buying it could soon be illegal in some states around the country.

Sleazy car dealerships have lobbied for, and in some states already managed to pass, laws that forbid car manufacturers from selling vehicles directly to consumers. Since Tesla eschews auto dealerships and only sells its cars directly to consumers via “galleries” and online orders, these laws will make it impossible to buy a Tesla in some states.

Stupid laws like these protect only the interests of a few car salesmen while creating unnecessary barriers to entry for disruptive technologies with better business models, like the Tesla. We need to stop these laws before they start spreading.

Use the form below to send an email to your Governor to opposing any law that would require Tesla, or any car manufacturer, to go through auto dealers in order to sell their vehicles.

Photo Credit: Digital Trends

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