Tell Congress: Now is the time to expand Social Security, not cut it

While many pundits and politicians are talking about cutting Social Security, in real life declining 401(K) packages and home values mean more and more Americans won't have the savings they need for retirement. The answer? We must increase Social Security benefits.

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) has a proposal that will do just that: The Strengthening Social Security Act of 2013.

By making millionaires and billionaires pay the same rate of Social Security taxes as the rest of us, and by changing the method by which Social Security benefits are calculated, Sen. Harkin's bill would expand Social Security benefits by an average of $800 per recipient per year while also keeping the program solvent for several generations.

Please join with Daily Kos and Social Security Works by signing our petition telling every member of Congress to increase Social Security benefits by passing The Strengthening Social Security Act of 2013.

79270 total signers.

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