Give Wendy Davis a Texas-sized THANK YOU

Have you ever tried to stand and talk for 13 hours? Yesterday, a determined Texas state senator did just that––she stood up and spoke out in a 13-hour talking filibuster to protect women’s rights.

State Sen. Wendy Davis didn’t just stand up to conservative Texas Republicans, she stood up for women to make their own decisions about their health and to protect 37 health centers across the state.

In contrast, Texas Republicans tried to kill democracy. After Wendy’s half-day filibuster––including numerous attempts to silence her––Texas Republicans voted after the legislative deadline had passed. Then, they tried to cheat democracy by backdating their vote.

Without Wendy’s strength during her talking filibuster, we might not have won last night.

Sign this thank you note to Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis, and we will make sure she receives this gratitude.

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