Tell Harry Reid and Democratic senators: Hang tough on filibuster reform

CREDO logoAfter a short respite to pass immigration reform, Senate Republicans are back to their old obstructionist tactics. And with them come real-world consequences.

The National Labor Relations Board will essentially cease to function if President Obama’s appointments are not confirmed. And while Senate Republicans hold up judicial nominees, more than 60 percent of the country live in a jurisdiction with court vacancies.

Senate Democrats seem ready to reopen filibuster reform on presidential appointments—but another “gang” is likely in the wings, waiting to water down reform to just ending the filibuster on executive branch nominees. We cannot let Democrats be tempted with the siren song of a bipartisan “deal” that we know Republicans will never live up to.

Please join with Daily Kos and CREDO in signing our petition to Sen. Harry Reid and the entire Senate Democratic caucus, telling them to pass meaningful filibuster reform so that we can have a functioning Senate that confirms all nominations, including judges, in a timely manner.

84216 total signers.

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