WalMart threatens to pull out of Washington, D.C., over living wage measure

WalMart Threatens WAshington DC's Living WageWalMart has big plans to open several stores in the Washington, D.C.—but this week they threatened to take the ball and go home if Washington's city council passed a bill requiring large retailers to pay a minimum of $12.50 an hour.

WalMart claims that they will pay employees $13 an hour, which makes their threat particularly revealing. If they were really going to pay people $13 an hour, why are they threatening to pull out of a city that would require them to pay employees $12.50?

Fortunately, because of progressive advocates like you speaking out, the council narrowly approved the living wage bill, but not by a veto proof majority.

Sign the petition urging DC Mayor Vincent Gray to stand up to WalMart's threats and sign proposed legislation requiring large retailers to pay employees $12.50 an hour.

15519 total signers.


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