Tell Sens. Angus King and Joe Manchin to put students before banks

On July 1st, student loan interest rates doubled. Senate Democrats tried to bring rates back down to 3.4 percent for another year, but a motion to end a Republican filibuster of their bill failed.

We expect that kind of obstruction from Republicans, but two senators—Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Angus King of Maine (an independent who caucuses with Democrats)—also voted to block this measure to keep college affordable.

But it gets even worse. Manchin and King are colluding with Senate Republicans to pass a bill that would push student loan debt from the current explosion to actual catastrophe. King’s behavior is particularly shameful. He used to teach at Bowdoin and Bates Colleges.

Residents of Maine and West Virginia, send an email to your respective senator, shaming him for colluding with Republicans to make college more expensive.

Credit: Senate Democrats.

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